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Published: mercredi 02 aot 2017

message that these people [the burka wearers] circulated on their placards was pure parody They were parodying the hate for Israel spread by PAJU for a year while it poisons the life of numerous Chaussures De Foot Nike Magista merchants on St. Denis Street and passersby, he wrote, claiming that this was supported by ad hoc committee of citizens of diverse allegiances. an Israeli born businessman, is not perturbed that the pro Israel camp has attracted such individuals.

lived here 37 years and rarely saw much interaction of a meaningful kind between Jews and Qu We are building bridges between the communities. stalwart of the counter protesters has had second thoughts about tactics. Sharon Freedman, who had faithfully attended the demonstrations from the beginning and was instrumental in getting former MP and now Ottawa based human rights activist David Kilgour involved this summer, stopped going a couple of months ago. She said she believes CIJA approach is appropriate at this point. Freedman would prefer that those who are against the boycott picket outside the office of Qu solidaire or Khadir to protests its pro BDS policy, adopted two years ago. Joel Lion, Israel consul general in Montreal since August, injected some levity into Nike Magista Obra II the situation. do not know who is behind this affair, but it reminds me of Tina Fey satirical portrayal of Sarah Palin, he e mailed. that case, Sarah Palin laughed it off as humour. would appear that PAJU, who just until now had the sin of wanting to prevent two Qu merchants from making a living, also has the sin of not having a sense of humour.